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Will Ontario Bill 106 Change Condo Insurance Claims?

When it comes to insurance, condominiums can be a tricky issue. With the unit ownership and building ownership being separate, who is responsible for paying for damage, is often a debatable subject. Or, even more accurately, whose insurance is responsible.

Tabled last April, Ontario Bill 106 aims to clarify such confusion with updated rules and requirements relating to insurance when damage occurs to a unit or the building. This will include creating a definition of a standard unit. Bill 106 is also known as the “Protecting Condominium Owners Act”.

The province stated in a note explaining Bill 106: “If the owner causes damage to a unit, the common elements or any assets of a corporation, an amount, up to a maximum of the corporation’s insurance deductible, is added to the contribution to the common expenses payable by the owner, subject only to a declaration amendment.”

Between owners, building managers and condo boards, there are a lot of voices involved whenever damage is done to a condominium. Hopefully Bill 106 can help to clarify condominium insurance claims in Ontario. Amendments to condominium legislation in other provinces may also follow this initiative in due course.