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What Will the Self-Driving Car Mean For Auto Insurance?

The self-driving car; it sounds like science fiction, but the real thing seems to be approaching fast, and at a remarkable speed. Both Google and Ford are hard at work developing the technology, and many of the safety features that will be used to prevent collisions in these cars are already in use in cars today. But if driver error is removed from the equation, what will that mean for Canada’s auto insurance industry?

Some might wonder if it might remove the need for auto insurance altogether. After all, if the driver is not at fault, that would mean that any liability for the collision would be on the car manufacturer, some would say.

Others have argued that it won’t lead to the removal of auto insurance, but that the companies would have to adapt. It wouldn’t be the first time that a new technology has led to a shift in the way a company does business.

Regardless of whether or not the self-driving car ever becomes a reality, or how fast it arrives, it is a sure thing that this topic has people talking. Depending on how this develops, it will be interesting to see what changes will be in store.