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Why you shouldn’t go outside the industry to find talent

There are many reasons to look for talent within your own organization before looking externally,  according to Tomas Chamorro-Prezmuzic, the chief talent scientist at ManpowerGroup, and Jonathan Kirschner, CEO of AIIR Consulting. In their blog for Harvard Business Review, According to Chamorro-Prezmuzic and Kirschner, internal hires adapt quicker because they are better able to understand the culture and politics of the organization. They are also more likely to be loyal and committed to their company, resulting in a lower staff turnover.

Chamorro-Prezmuzic and Kirschner also provide several science-based recommendations to help organizations update their hiring techniques. These recommendations include thinking ahead, focusing on the right traits for the role, and thinking inclusively. According to the authors, “the most important part of this process is to never stop thinking about your employees’ potential and talent,” which they consider key to creating a high-performing team.