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Rising auto insurance claims could lead to higher premiums in 2017

An unprecedented rise in auto insurance claims may affect policyholders as the industry mulls over premium increases. New findings from Canada’s General Insurance Statistical Agency reveals a surge in claims.

This year, policyholders’ rates have been squeezed, with claims on the rise. This resulted in a poor year for insurers. Manitoba saw a 68% rise in non-collision claims, while New Brunswick topped a 30% increase in claims. These rising costs across the nation may be reflected in next year’s premium rates for consumers.

Amanda Dean, VP of the Insurance Bureau for the Atlantic region, said it is difficult to predict what the industry will do overall with premiums following the recent rise in claims. She suggested that even though this occurred last year, it may not be a recurring trend.

We will continue to watch to see how premiums are affected next year. If you have any concerns, make sure you speak to your broker or company agent.