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Making a successful home insurance claim:

One in six household insurance claims are rejected each year. GoCompare has some advice to help ensure your claim is successful. Insurers have revealed the main reason for rejecting a claim is that the incident was not covered by the insured’s policy.

Make sure that you do your research and ensure that you choose the right coverage. If you are unsure, then contact your broker or insurance provider.

In the event of a possible claim, acting quickly, following procedures and being honest are 3 of the best tips listed by GoCompare. Acting quickly, despite being in shock, can ensure your success with a claim. Adjusters can assess the damage while it’s still fresh and prior to you having to live around it. Claims procedures can also be very detail-oriented. Ensuring that you follow procedures and give an honest and complete account of the incident   will go a long way in getting you to a successful claim resolution.