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Insurers Are Now Treating Distracted Driving as a Major Conviction

In keeping with actions previously taken by Canada’s auto insurers, Northbridge General Insurance Company will start treating driving while using a hand-held communication device as a major conviction for the purpose of setting insurance rates in Nova Scotia.

The change takes effect Jan. 4, 2021 for new business and Feb. 4, 2021 for renewal business, the Nova Scotia Utility Review Board announced in a decision released Nov. 13. The change applies to both Northbridge General and Zenith Insurance Company.

In approving the change, NSURB noted many other insurers also treat distracted driving as a major conviction.

The three categories of conviction are minor, major and serious. Northbridge treats each classification differently, with respect to how many are allowed before the risk is no longer written and what level of surcharge applies, NSURB member Jennifer Nicholson wrote.

Speak to your broker or agent to see if this change will apply to your policy in the near future.

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