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Driver assist technology: is it really just another distraction?

Vehicle assist technology may actually be contributing to distracted driving but it may just be a short-term trend. Desjardins insurance conducted a national survey and found that 63% of respondents feel that vehicle safety technology can contribute to distracted driving and over 80% of respondents believe that more education is needed on how to use new safety features.

The potential for increased collisions as a result of vehicle assist technology will directly impact insurance providers. Since new safety features like the rear-view camera are no longer reserved for high-end vehicles, safety technologies are linked to increasing claims costs and car repair costs for insurance companies.

Desjardins claims that with improved driver assist technology in cars, people are having too much confidence in safety features and becoming less aware of their surroundings. According to the Vice President of claims at Desjardins, it is difficult to evaluate the exact number of collisions due to vehicle assist technology but insurance providers should be aware of this concern.