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Canadians do not know how to find virtual care

COVID-19 has been responsible for a negative impact on mental and physical health  of 60% of Canadians, according to a recent Lumino Health survey. Still, only a small percentage of Canadians are seeking treatment. Of respondents who said COVID-19 is negatively affecting their mental health, only 21% have sought professional care. This rate is consistent with Canadians who say the pandemic is having a negative impact on their physical health, with only 21% seeking professional help.

The need for Canadians to connect virtually with health care professionals has never been more important, but over half of all Canadians said they do not know how to find virtual care services. The awareness however, is high (72%). When asked what they believe are the main benefits of virtual care, Canadians listed:

  • convenience (54%);
  • no waiting rooms (50%); and
  • speed to connect with a health-care professional (40%).