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Monthly Archives: April 2020

What to know about getting a reduced car insurance rate.

While private auto insurers are regulated by the government, they are not mandated to provide a certain level of relief during the pandemic.

There’s no uniform approach with private insurers, so they could be classified into one of three groups: those who aren’t offering any relief; those leaving it up to the consumer to contact them to obtain a discount; and those who are “proactively” giving blanket reductions to all their policyholders, regardless of whether they are driving less or not.

In addition to discounts, some insurance companies are also offering flexible payment options to customers who are struggling financially amid the pandemic and might be late with a payment or are not able to make payments.

Of note, people who have completely stopped driving in the middle of the pandemic also have the option of removing their coverage completely, keeping in mind that even in an emergency situation, they will not be able to use their car.

You can find a compiled list of car insurance companies offering COVID-19 relief and the details of those measures through Contact your broker or agent to find out how you may be affected by this.


Northwest Territories Approves Electronic Proof of Auto Insurance.

The Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO) has approved effective immediately the Northwest Territories to now use electronic proof of auto insurance, also called eSlips.

This solution allows insurance providers across Canada to send attachments and eSlips to personal and commercial customers through secure email, using a consistent look and feel, regardless of sender. Electronic documents may be delivered through smart phones, apps, emails or tablets without having to carry the paper copy.

CSIO launched My Proof of Insurance in February 2018 in order to provide the industry with a modern method of delivering digital proof of auto insurance and policy documents.

Northwest Territories joins a growing number of jurisdictions, including Nova Scotia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador in allowing consumers the option of using eSlips.

To find out more, contact your insurance agent or broker.