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Monthly Archives: November 2019

Why thousands of unsafe commercial vehicles remain on Ontario roads

According to the 2019 Annual Report of the Auditor General of Ontario, the ministry has not inspected more than half of Ontario’s commercial vehicle carriers in the past two years and the number of vehicles inspected each year has decreased significantly.

The Auditor General recommends the Ministry of Transportation create a province-wide staffing plan to hire more enforcement officers and that enforcement officers are being regularly reviewed on productivity targets to increase roadside inspections. It is also recommended that random drug and alcohol testing is enforced for commercial vehicle drivers to reduce the risk of collisions involving impaired driving.

Based on the report’s findings, the Ministry of Transportation has agreed with the Auditor General’s recommendation to increase roadside inspections and reduce impaired driving involving commercial vehicle drivers.


A simple solution to the insurance “talent gap” equation

Today, insurance organizations are worried about the “talent shortage” in the industry as they struggle to attract new talent to fill positions as insurance veterans reach retirement age. Insurance companies need to work on making the industry appealing to the new generation of professionals.

KASE Insurance, a leading commercial insurance broker in Ontario, has avoided this issue altogether. The insurance company has grown exponentially since it was founded three years ago and the founders attribute this to their hiring process.

They believe the key is hiring people that are equally as excited about the insurance industry as they are, while also making sure their new hires are super ambitious with fresh ideas. How have they achieved this? By putting entrepreneurial spirit at the core of their recruitment strategy. Stanislav Kokojin, one the founders says that they’ve never had an issue finding talent:

“There are lots of millennials who want to make a difference and have cool ideas for projects that they’d like to implement, but too often they’re told there’s no budget or appetite for that idea. We’re looking for entrepreneurial people who strive to be the best, and we’ve been very successful in finding that talent.”

KASE is determined to break down the barriers that keep young professionals from getting a head start in the insurance industry. Their training process teaches young brokers to become excellent commercial advisors and there’s room for change in the status quo.