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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Jaguar Land Rover Canada ULC Partners with Aon for Car Insurance

Jaguar Land Rover Canada ULC has partnered with Aon Reed Stenhouse to offer brand-specific automobile insurance coverage for their customers and vehicles.

The reason for the partnership is to make things even more personalized for Jaguar and Land Rover clients. What’s included in the insurance package is original car parts for repairs, premium discounts, and exceptional service.  The insurance is offered for their entire line of vehicles, whether that be collector editions to daily commuter vehicles.

Aon offers the custom insurance right at the dealership.  The insurance is called Jaguar Insurance and Land Rover Insurance. It was introduced on February 4, 2019 throughout Canada. For more information on this, contact your broker or company agent.


Ontario Government Working Well With The Financial Services Regulatory Authority

The Progressive Conservative government of Ontario and the newly appointed Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) will be working together to restructure auto insurance rate regulations, supporting auto reform strategy, and developing fraud reduction policies. FSRA replaces FSCO this year.  Additionally, auto insurance rate control methods will be reviewed and the question of whether postal codes have a relation to a driver’s rating factor will be examined.

Insurance companies want modifications to the approval process when it comes to rate increase as it takes too long and may have an impact on their profits.

The FSRA budget and priorities documents will have input from the Ontario government working to reduce fraud, and improve the decision making process.  FSRA is expected to take over from FSCO sometime in June.