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Monthly Archives: December 2018

One in three Canadians surveyed haven’t read their insurance policy: Sonnet Insurance

New research conducted by Sonnet Insurance shows that one in three Canadians haven’t read their home or auto insurance policy. Those who do care to venture into reading the fine print are often confused by lengthy descriptions and jargon making it difficult for them to understand their coverage and terms.

Sonnet believes that the first step in changing the perception of how Canadians feel about insurance is to simplify complicated industry language in policies. Roger Dunbar, SVP, at Sonnet states, “If we can empower Canadians to understand their insurance options, they can be confident they have the right coverage for their needs.”

Canadians have a good understanding of basic insurance terms, but awareness and comprehension drops for coverage options. The survey found that many struggled with key terms in both home and auto policies. Insurance plays a vital part in the financial well-being of Canadians, so it is important for them to understand not only what is covered but also how it is covered.