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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Tesla argues for setting premiums based on technology

The United States electric car manufacturer Tesla is in favour of pricing auto insurance based on vehicle technology that promotes risk reduction, says data analysis firm GlobalData.

“The exponential advances in technology have made drivers much more cautious, as the potential for driver errors is reduced when Tesla’s autopilot function is up and running,” said Daniel Pearce, a senior financial analyst. GlobalData. Collision rates for all Tesla models have dropped 40% since the introduction of the autopilot system. However, when owners wish to insure their Tesla, this is not reflected in the premiums. “

The automaker’s solution has been to partner with insurers in 20 countries to set up the Insure my Tesla program. GlobalData indicates that this program wants to offer insurance vehicle owners insurance products that reflect the increased safety offered by the technology included in their car.


What is the value?

Marc Cohen, who will be taking charge of the Hub International insurance brokerage firm on January 1, 2018, expects digital technology to play a major role in the transformation of insurance for both individuals and businesses.

The change will primarily affect the simplicity and ease with which the consumer will transact. “We will have to go through a multichannel approach. This will combine both the digital and a physical place around the corner. Technology and innovation will intertwine. It will look like what banks have experienced. The insurance must be delivered to meet the needs of the consumer. Innovation will come from the voice of the consumer.”

This new interaction will generate innovation, he says. But for that, brokers must innovate. Acting as the intermediary doer today will not be enough tomorrow, says Cohen.