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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Collision frequency continues to climb

Collision frequencies continue to grow at an overall rate of 2.5%, according to the Allstate Canada Safe Driving Study. In addition, the results of the study reveal that the most serious type of collision is that involving pedestrians or cyclists, followed by frontal collisions.

“It is certainly encouraging to see a drop in the frequency of collisions in some parts of the country. However, the overall frequency of collisions is on the rise, which we find all the more disturbing as the most serious collisions involve cyclists or pedestrians,” says David MacInnis, Vice President, Product Management at Allstate.

These results show that there is still much to be done to reduce the number of accidents, especially as we approach the most dangerous season on the road.


It is time to consider marijuana-proofing policy wording

An insurance defence lawyer is encouraging the industry in Alberta to check their policy wordings after the province’s proposed new sanctions for cannabis-impaired and cannabis/alcohol-impaired driving offences.

Insurance professionals will need to conduct an immediate review of all policy wordings in order to ensure that their insurance products appropriately cover the risk and claims that will come with the changes in the legislation.

The impact of the changes to the Traffic Safety Act will be far-reaching, possibly affecting claims in the homeowners’ personal lines and commercial general liability contexts, as well as for product liability and directors and officers liability.

Also, there is still doubt about testing for marijuana – impaired driving. We can expect there to be many initial challenges to impaired charges on the basis of the accuracy of testing