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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Trucks and SUVs are booming in Canada

Hagerty’s latest Vehicle Rating has recorded a huge upswing in demand for classic trucks and SUVs across North America. Two-thirds of the vehicles in the newest Top 25 ranking are trucks or SUVs, and nearly 90% of them are valued at $16,000 or less. Millennials are driving the demand for classic trucks and SUVs.

They’re easy to maintain and their parts are available while being affordable. Servicing them is straightforward and they provide multiple experiences that go beyond the services of a regular car.

Collector car insurance will cover a classic truck or SUV as long as it’s a passion or pleasure-use vehicle. Insurers are finding that a lot of these trucks and SUVs are being set aside for pleasure-use or collector-use and that’s when a different insurance policy comes into play.

Insurers are continuing to update their policies to get you the best value for your vehicle pertaining to its use.


Cyberattacks are on the increase, so who is most at risk?

Cyberattacks are a growing problem. They’re getting easier for criminals to conduct, they’re happening more often, and they’re hitting businesses harder than ever.

Though cyberattacks can affect everyone, they’re proving to be particularly dangerous to small and medium-sized businesses. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce, in a report this year entitled Cyber Security in Canada, noted statistics that “the number of businesses reporting a loss or exposure of sensitive data… has increased every year for the past three years and 8% overall.”

Furthermore, the report noted, “along with the proliferation of attacks, the scale of losses has also increased. The number of businesses reporting a $1 million-plus loss has risen to 7% from just 1% two years ago.”

The risk of cyber attack is growing quickly and it is imperative that your business be protected against these possible cyber threats.