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Monthly Archives: November 2017

The adoption of smart home devices

Price continues to be a hurdle in adopting technology that could decrease loss or damage to homes.

What appears to be holding people back from successfully adopting smart home technology are concerns over price, ease of use and whether it all works together reliably.

The seven-question online omnibus survey, conducted by YouGuv in the below listed article, was fielded among 1,116 people in the U.S., 18 and older, this past May. The idea was to better understand reasoning about home management and how a smart home system could help reduce the load.

Survey findings show that the majority of respondents are open to smart home experiences. In all, 73% of respondents indicate they can see ways in which a smart home system could make their day-to-day lives easier.

In all, 93% of respondents who manage their home on a daily basis indicate a range of activities they would participate in if they were able to cut down on time spent managing their home.

We will continue to monitor the use of smart home devices and its development. If you have any questions or concerns, make sure to speak to your broker or company agent.


Post-flooding woes: are you ready?

Quebec’s historic flooding this year could mean critter and pest-related woes in the months and years to come. Heavy water accumulation has created standing pools of water, which could translate into fertile ground for mosquito populations this year as well as other damaging effects to your home and neighbourhood.

Expect a higher number of mosquitoes this year in areas that experienced heavy rainfall due to ponds remaining full after a combination of saturated soil and repeated rainfalls.

In addition to mosquitoes, homeowners could be dealing with a host of other critter-related problems. Flooded homes face potential mould problems, which, in addition to the human health impact, bring their own set of parasites, such as flies.

Broken trees, debris and wood inside homes left humid from long-term water exposure could also be ripe territory for wood lice and carpenter ants.

As recommended by the article referenced below, use the following precautions to help deter pests: cleaning up properties, getting rid of stagnant water, fixing foundations and taking care to dry out parts of the home exposed to water and replacing any wood exposed to said water.

For more information on home insurance options, contact your broker or company agent.