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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Spring showers led to damaging storms in Canada

Several low-pressure systems that brought heavy rainfall to portions of Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes this spring caused hundreds of millions in dollars, while damaging more than 5,200 homes.

Two people were killed in Quebec, where nearly 2,000 residents were evacuated. Significant flooding was also experienced across Ontario and in portions of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Also in Canada, throughout April, southern portions of British Columbia experienced prolonged periods of rainfall, leaving several rivers well above normal for the time of year.

South of the border, the U.S. economy took a US$4 billion hit from severe weather in May, with insurance payouts approaching US$3 billion.

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The City of Edmonton looks to flood mitigation options

Staff from the City of Edmonton are scheduled to look at flood mitigation options for the city as the next step in its examination of upgrades to drainage infrastructure.

Cities need to invest to protect residents, home and businesses in preparation for changing weather patterns. Edmonton’s city council is considering four options based on an analysis of extensive infrastructure and rainfall studies.

Options presented balance risk, cost and the likelihood of major rainstorms. Next steps including working with water services company EPCOR to examine the impact of the citywide flood mitigation strategy on the drainage utility rates and public engagement results to date.

Options for flood mitigation could also impact solutions for underpass flooding, as upgrading the system will increase capacity to absorb rainfall that might otherwise flood roadways.

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