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Monthly Archives: June 2017

An increased risk of flooding for Canadian homes

The Canadian landscape is changing when it comes to floods. Climate change and society’s constantly transitioning land infrastructure are contributing to an increased risk of flooding in Canada.

We are seeing a transformation in land, which changes the impact of weather. From lush green landscapes to city grey infrastructures, we are altering the means of receiving and balancing rainfall and need to create new systems to account for both man-made changes and environmental developments.

Weather systems are slowing down and as a result leaving a more damaging effect. Canada is experiencing a new form of lingering weather with heavy doses of rain resulting in such historic floods as Manitoba’s major flood in 2011 and Calgary’s catastrophic flood in 2013.

It is important for consumers to be educated about floods to help them take precautionary steps to address the risk. Consumer awareness is fundamental to the success of avoiding disastrous conditions.

For more information on your policy’s flood insurance options, contact your broker or company agent.