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Monthly Archives: February 2017

The Dangers of Texting & Driving

Our Texting and Driving blog post from 2014 has been receiving a lot of attention recently. We would like to bring this to the forefront again as it continues to be a concern on our roads.

Money Saving Pro has recently put together a guide on the dangers of texting and driving based on our previous posts. While there is plenty of general awareness surrounding this dangerous activity, the most convincing argument is the data:

Statistics on texting and driving can be eye opening to those who don’t see this as a real highway safety issue:

  • An estimated 341,000 auto accidents in 2013 involved texting and driving (National Safety Council)
  • 3179 people were killed in distraction-related car crashes in 2014. (U.S. Department of Transportation/
  • Roughly 660,000 drivers are using an electronic device at any given time. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

We certainly do not want to give up all of the wonderful things our smartphones bring to our lives. As with most things, however, there has to be some level of risk mitigation in order to enjoy the pros without adding undue cons.