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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Cyber Insurance To Disrupt Business

Cyber insurance is intended to protect individuals or companies from online risks relating to their technology infrastructures; however, is not typically included in commercial general liability policies or traditional policies. The challenge is that some insurance companies are refusing to pay out for breaches caused by ineffective security practices.

With online technology taking a larger role in personal and business’ everyday lives, Cyber insurance is becoming more of a critical requirement for safety of your online presence and technology. The premiums and payouts will be increasing with the higher need and cost for breaches which are becoming more prevalent and frequent.

Yahoo’s last hack was a prime example that cyber insurance should be at the top of all business’ minds and fit into all 2017 budgets!


Government of Alberta committed additional $45 million towards flood and drought protection

The government of Alberta has announced an investment of an additional $45 million towards funding flood and drought protection. The project was scheduled to wrap up by 2017, but now will expand over the course of the next four years.

The $45 million will be split between two programs: $31 million will go toward the Alberta Community Resilience Program (ACRP) and $14 million toward the Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program (WRRP).

The added funding will help further enhance the two critical flood and drought protection programs to support the safety and protection of communities against the effects of severe weather.

Thus far, over $100 million has been invested to the resiliency projects through the ACRP. The money has gone towards flood barriers, erosion control, storm water management, safeguards for critical municipal water management infrastructure and other critical flood mitigation projects across the entire province.

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