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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Edmonton embraces Uber as it becomes the first city to pass an Uber-friendly bylaw

As ride-sharing becomes more popular, pressure has been put on Canadian cities to pass Uber regulations. Recently, Edmonton became the first Canadian city to pass a ride-sharing bylaw.

Uber now has the responsibility of arranging provincially-approved insurance before the March 1st deadline. Uber will not be able to get a license under the new bylaw without provincially-approved insurance and drivers operating without insurance will be charged fines of up to $5,000.

Will other Canadian cities follow suit? In January Uber received a taxi brokerage license from the City of Toronto for its taxi service, which is another step towards a regulatory solution. However, the city is still trying to reach an agreement on the fate of Uber. Recently, Toronto city council voted not to seek a court injunction against Uber and individual UberX drivers, and is instead, delaying legal action against the ride-sharing service.

Stay tuned for more Uber developments within Canada.